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Bacirubati was born in 1985 and took inspiration, for its name, from the film directed by François Truffaut. It’s the middle of the ‘80s and fashion brings women to new ways and styles. The silhouettes become sexier and sexier, unmistakable signals of the rebellious spirit which takes over the times. The mini skirts become much shorter and super stretch leaving little to imagination, and clothes more body-hugging and more sensuous. Women’s wear becomes an anthem to provocation and claims a never before witnessed freedom. The Brand’s corsetry and lingerie collections fully embrace those years’ style to become “must have” in female wardrobes.

Bacirubati was born in 1985 and Bacirubati own designed prints became iconic, its beachwear and outerwear collections turning simple garments into unique fashion’s looks. Bacirubati style is studied in every detail, renewing itself every season according to trends. Nevertheless it remains true to itself and characterised by luxury details, combinations of colour contrast and/or fabrics. Styles are always impeccably aligned to current fashion and customization of every item is a must

The Brand is the result of expert know-how which combines originality and quality always very up to date thus creating all manner of trends. The collections are dedicated to a comopolitan, fun but certainly alluring, naughty, energetic, sexy woman and is particular about finishing datails and her own look.